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The history documented below is more than just a story about the founding of a golf club it also gives fascinating insight into society through the past century and a quarter, well worth a read. The photograph on this page is the clubs founding member William Bell.

This is the history of a Golf Club. A Club similar to many which were formed in the late 19th century but unlike most of those clubs, Disley members still play over the same land and generally the same holes which were laid out a hundred and twenty five years ago. Although there are many much older clubs in the country this puts Disley in the top 10 oldest inland courses in England and predates any course in America. But its main claim is that in the hundred and twenty five (plus) years of existence it has brought together people from many walks of life and varied backgrounds who have had one interest in common - to play golf.

It traces the founding of the Club; through the early years when the land was rented and the running battle the Club had with the farmer who did everything he could to cause trouble: to the period between the wars when the land was bought and the course reconstructed. It follows the fortunes of the Club through the difficult times during the wars to the present day when a modem Clubhouse now dominates the course and the Club, which was once a small country golf course with access only by rail from Manchester, is now a thriving suburban Club in a desirable area of Cheshire.

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More recently we also made the headlines for a very rare  'Helicopter Birdie' !
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