How To Join Disley Golf Club
Joining Disley Golf Club could not be easier. The application form is provided below, or contact Mark, the Secretary, or the Professional shop to discuss the membership options. 01663 764001 or email
- Dave Codd - Captain 20/21 -

I've been a member at Disley Golf Club for over 20 years now. The question was asked of me what's really great about being a member? The one overriding thing that comes to mind is when you're having a terrible round, you can stand back on the tees on some of the top holes and enjoy the most wonderful views.

- Graham Prest - Member over 30 years -

I have had the fortunate privilege to be a member of Disley Golf Club for the last 34 years (& counting...) A challenging course with unbeatable stunning views supplemented by a friendly, welcoming, membership, many of whom like their golf to be competitive but with lots of post golf banter in addition.


Stanley Hall Lane, Disley, Stockport, England, SK12 2JX

01663 764001