Subscription Rates

Subscription Rates 2024
25% Introductory Discount available to Full Platinum & Lady Members for their 1st year

Membership Rates 2024

Staggered payment options available. The club manager, Brian, will be happy to discuss all options with you.

Membership Catagory Membership Fee
7 Day Platinum Membership £1180
7 Day Platinum 21 - 25 years of age £480
7 Day Platinum 26 - 30 years of age £650
7 Day Platinum 31 - 35 years of age £870
6 Day Gold Membership £1040
One Year Introductory Membership - 7 Day Only £655
Flexi Membership - points based £445
9 Hole Membership contact the Secretary for details £540
Under 21/Student/Apprenticeship £325
Junior Membership  
Up to 13 FREE
14 - 17 Relative of member £30
14 - 17 General £60
All golf memberships are subject to England Golf and County Affiliation fees Men - £17.50 Ladies - £17.50
Bar Credit (Adult only) £50
Share Certificate (One off payment, refundable on leaving) £10
Social Membership £50 - £25 membership £25 bar credit

Affordable Golf

As a member of CASC Disley GC is open to all of the community including those on modest or low incomes. Any member or prospective member whose financial circumstances do not allow them to pay an annual membership subscription and associated costs of more that £520.00 is invited to apply to the Secretary in writing and demonstrate that any sum above this amount is not affordable to them.
Their application will be considered by the Directors and, if accepted, an alternative fee structure will be offered to the applicant. Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. All applicants that are accepted on this basis will enjoy identical voting rights and privileges to our other categories of membership.